Tuesday, 3 June 2014

We live along a green lane

The glorious hedgerows are in full flower now

I always breathe a sigh of relief as i turn our old landrover off of the hard tarmac road along the green lane that leads passed the farm. Away from the speeding traffic the hedgerow flowers arch gracefully in greeting and the cats amble across admiring the baby bunny population, as they have probably done for centuries. The occasional bump slows the speeding traffic long before it reaches our door and guest arrive in the slow pace of the countryside ready to relax and take their time.

I love to take  little walk around in the golden light of the evening and look at the shadows and light on everyday sights

The centuries old lane - really designed for the working horses to travel
to the fields 

and in the garden the shadows grow

until finally the sun slips away from us and it's time to go indoors

The sun sinking beyond the courtyard garden

We are so lucky I know to live away from the thrusting traffic the noise the fumes and every day our little lane celebrates is quite life and slumbers on gently reflecting  the passage of the seasons.

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