Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer days in a cornish garden my story in pictures

The entrance to the Italian Gardens now softened by
golden oat grass

Hectic days with vibrant new growth

Cottage garden poppies and formal box hedges in the courtyards now

The soft colours of dusk

The courtyard gate framing the Mount

June days and our home is wrapped within its garden cocoon

A wild corner below the Italian gardens where the serpentine bank helps
the change of level

A quite bench to watch the sun setting

The figs that edge the courtyards ripening in the sunshine

Some of the older branches have been trimmed from the date palms

A shady table and chairs tucked under the kitchen steps

or a sunny spot in the Italian gardens

A gravel path that flanks the top of the Italian garden
after a major rework

Yesterday's drizzle after weeks of drought

Spud cat and gardneing tools int eh garden room

but memories of amazing June days of endless sunshine

We had such days of glorious sunshine that the time swept passed in a blur and so a long overdue post devoted to pictures of the moods of our garden developing in the June heat wave. We finally braved reducing the hedge on one side of the Italian gardens by half letting the light flood back into the gravel broder which breathed a sigh of relief. But my! dragging the branches out to the bonfire was a labour of love in the heat!

Finally the high has moved away fro now letting the garden renew with much needed rain and the tool sti unused in the garden room.........for now!