Monday, 30 June 2014

Meet the Ednovean horses

Our "babies" are all grown up now!

It was such a hot idle Sunday afternoon and the Ednovean horses had nothing better to do than stroll around and enjoy the sunshine yesterday. "Well - maybe just a little fresh water to sip perhaps!"

It occurred to me that I haven't recorded their progress very much lately, so I ambled around with the camera and asked them to pose with their best side. The trio above are Toffee, Archie and Magic who are now five which we bred on the farm

It's never long before one starts to act the fool

Charles used to ride Toffee's father Leonard


Toffee enjoying the sunshine

Last years foal lizzie and we're pretty sure she's Toffee's
daughter. she's still looking for her forever home btw

Sophie - Lizzie's mum

Danilon our spanish stallion

Well that's as far as i got yesterday - our guests always ask "Do we have a horse?" and we have to admit "Err yes"
"ooh how many" is usually the next question
"Oh about eight" we mumble
"Goodness" our guests say "What do you do with them - are they yours?"
and the answer should be "wait on them on hot afternoons when most sensible people have gone to the beach!" Still they've grown into fine chaps now I think and their winter feed is safely packed in bales ready for them when the temperature drops and they take to their stables - to be waited on of course - in the short at the end of the year. those days when we dream of balmy summer afternoons when the bees hummed and the butterflies flitted by in lazy warm sunshine.

Christmas lunch for horses saved from the farm

For Spud cat it was just too hot and so he found a shady spot to doze

And really that was Sunday!