Saturday, 21 June 2014

Early morning sunshine in our courtyard garden

There is something very special about being out and about in the courtyard
as the house slumbers on and the sunshine of the new day spreads tendrils
of light into the shadowy corners

Each morning recently we've peeked out of the dor and been rewarded with a perfectly clear blue sky - such a treat after our long hard winter. It is as though we have been transported away fro a sunny Mediterranean holiday taking our home with us.

The rose that always gives her big pink blowsey blooms at this time of the year fills the courtyard with her delicate scent and it is even better this year as I remembered to water her with a can of water and Epsom salts in the Autumn - a strange but valuable rose growers tip.

A single rose floating above the Parterre (OK I didn't tie the new
 growth in!)

The start of the day

Clambering over the garden room

and delicately blushing in the pink light of the sunset