Sunday, 20 July 2014

July days race by for our B&B

looking back over the last couple of weeks

My we've been busy!! Changing the rooms for new guests and keeping the garden up together, not to mention the daily shop to look for nice fresh ingredients for the essential Full cooked Breakfast. Some days i begin to think I'm a professional shopper. We splurged on a nice new carpet for the Apricot room this month - is it me or is there something deeply satisfying about the smell of a new wool carpet and feet sinking into the soft depths?

A new soft squidgy carpet for the Apricot room!

That is probably all of our hushold news except maybe that I finally managed to track down a vintage bookcase for our guest sitting room to hold the DVD collection that had long outgrown the lovely old apple basket and various other containers. I was never a fan of the modern cabinet that I bought first of all, so must find it a good home where it's modern dimension will be more loved. free to collect locally If anybody would like a sort of wood column with a hidden door in faux mahogany (I had intended to give it a paint finish but never did get around to it!

At last "The bookcase"  really will give it a distressed
paint finish over the winter!

Early morning in the courtyard garden

And our garden bursting full of light and fresh leaves; bees and butterflies and just a delight to stroll through  (if you are not in charge of the weeding of course) But I am going to tell you about our garden projects on another day as I have a file bursting with photos ready to share as for now - off to buy more breakfast bacon! have a great Sunday our there - you can find our home here:-