Friday, 25 July 2014

My goodness it's hot!!

So hot again today but the Agapanthus that have self seeded in the garvel are loving the heat. They've spread their long star like root out under the unpromising stonas and all i can say is prospered. The first blue and white plants have cross pollinated and and spread in drifts with a surprising discipline of colour, softening the formal elements of the box balls and enhancing the old stone walls

The terrace has developed its own independent personality now

Formal mets informal

The Blue room looks out onto this terrace - I choose simple yacht
wires to define the private balcony so that it didn't interrupt the view

The lawn and the Italian Garden entrance beyond

A table for guests outside of the garden room

So just a quick note and a few pics tonight - hope you're having a good day too. Check out our website for our address - it's been playing up a little bit of late but I think it's been fixed!