Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The last of the sunshine in Marazion

The silent empty beach just before dusk

We went to Marazion the other evening to enjoy the last of the days sunshine overlooking the silent empty beach. How glorious to sit and watch the waves lapping, in that certain sure rhythm of dusk.  A couple of sea gulls idly landed to squabbling on the sea wall but the evening was too warm for them to continue for long and the went back to seas edge to plod quietly up and down in the fashion of a good gull.

The silent sea shore

Tiny figures still walking the causeway to St Micheal's Mount

The tide slowly rolled in making the Mount an
island again

The gently ripple of the waves as Marazion
basks in the last of the evenings sun

And finally the sunset too far to the right for my plans!

Watching a beach at the end of the day always intrigues me:- the couples hand in hand walking the sea shore; the visitors that stop take a quick photo and then drive on; the last straggles walking the ancient causeway to the Mount after supper; the jogger stretching his hamstrings on the sea wall; all to the silent rhythm of the ever moving sea.

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