Sunday, 21 April 2013

A glimpse of summer

We glimpsed Summer this morning with warm tranquillity
spreading across the bay

With the departure of the drying East wind and the first soft murmuring of rain the birds who have been silent for so long burst into song filling the air with their celebration of spring and Summer combined. Arid fields of soft brown earth that we have ridden passed each day, have suddenly sprouted a verdant coating of fresh lime green shoots and this weekend we glimpsed Summer for sure.

By Saturday morning the sea was silky smooth and i felt
I could almost touch Newlyn across Mounts Bay

The old pump that guards a water tank has seen many
seasons come and go

The climbing Hydrangea that clings to this side of the house has
started to shoot

The sun on the upper back door that I like to fling open
at Breakfast time on sunny mornings

The statue of Grace and Angel By Annie Henry

I'm still working my way around the garden gathering the detritus of winter and just reorganising a little - I was surprised to win the "debate" to relocate Annie Henry's sculpture to a lower lawn where it forms a pretty centre piece in a sunken lawn surrounded by foliage plants with a pathway threading away deep into the garden.

The Yuckoides is going to give us a surprise
early flower

Charles walking up the centre aisle of the Italian Garden

By Saturday the weathr had given us that rare promise of summer and we spent  a little time in the Italian garden where it is always a few degrees warmer idly listening to the sea in the cove below Perranuthnoe and the village clock counting the hours but I'm ashamed to say I managed to get sun burnt even in April!

That gorgeous blue sky

One of the paths tha encircle the Italian Garden

The Discuss thrower in the Italian Garden

Every path in our garden finishes with a bench

The Palms have done quite well this winter
in the gravelly well drained soil

And so with our little glimpse of summer an unscheduled walk around the garden - I hope that you have enjoyed it and please think of me weeding away in on the light Summer evenings!