Sunday, 28 April 2013

An early arrival

An early flower and...........

A filly foal at Ednovean Farm

We had an early and if we are honest a fairly unscheduled arrival the other morning in the form of a bouncing bay filly foal. The day started in a peaceful day as always with Charles making his way out to the stables for that first important job of the day the Equine full English Breakfast - he was met by a strange silence amongst the horses and a small pair of ears whose owner couldn't quite see over the stable door. our poor young filly, Sophie, hadn't really understood what had happened and needed lots of help to start her new task of foal rearing and we had to sit in with her all day and all night until she turned the corner of motherhood and started to feed her new baby on her own. It must have been the coldest night of the week to spend sitting in the corner of the stables and I was glad when the birds started to sing at first light and i knew we had won the first day of life for the little creature. I thought we might call the young filly Lizzie after her grandmother Lizzie (that you may remember died when Sophie was just four months old) It is early days still but the pair have taken a couple of walks around the car park for two mornings and hopefully will be ready to try a small paddock tomorrow - fingers crossed! And Danni is a proud Grand father!

Sophie and her filly foal Lizzie

I though I was winning wonderfully out in the garden until our little side track - hopefully I'll catch up again this week! Still at this time of year I love the cocooning misty mornings that encourage the world into fresh green growth and send the birds into an ecstasy of singing, the sudden summer days of briliant sunshine...

Our entrance at Ednovean Farm on a soft
Cornish morning

The unbelievably verdant green of the fresh new growth of the box
in our sundial garden

The Rosemary by our entrance gate has to be kept in check

Spud sunbathing the other afternoon - does anyone know a source
of la Tienda Paints locally I'd like to re tint the wall?

As i raced about this week i kept noticing a red blob in
the sundial garden and thinking "I must pick up that
piece of paper - closer inspection revealed an
early poppy!