Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sunset from Ednovean Farm

Perranuthnoe set against the sunset

Watching the sunset is always a special part of the day for me - I'm always pleased if our guests arrive in time to see a special one to start their holiday with with us at Ednovean farm and of course I can never quite resist stopping myself to take a few pictures. I love the way that the village below is reduces to silhouettes against the sea and light bounces off of the clouds - no two are ever the same. It wasn't until I developed this passion for sunsets that I realised that "west" appeared to change with the seasons - the visual feast moving inexorable to the tight throughout the summer passing St Micheal's Mount before finishing towards the moors behind Penzane before slowly moving back again with the closing of the season and the shortening of the days until right now it appears to dip down just beyond Perranuthnoe. I'm sorry that the blog isn't appearing as often as it should but for some strange reason I am having difficulty uploading the photos with an ever twirling thingy rotating beside the upload button never to stop - ah well - using two browses, one that can upload but not control the photos and then logging back in with a second browser is "interesting" use of time. I hope to upload some photos of our snowy garden quite soon  well as soon as I am up to the tussle again! See you all again soon and don;'t forget to set a minute aside for a sunset somewhere.

The cloud formation was fantastic that night

Just couldn't make my mind up which one i liked the most

Rather fond of the Date palm leaves in this one
against the village church

and a final glowing moment as the night closed in Cornwall

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