Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A new year starts in the garden

New Years day and the sun is creeping across
 the Parterre at Ednovean Farm

The box hedges have stayed crisp through the winter

New Years day dawned bright and sunny, bringing welcome sunshine to our courtyard that has been formed in the old farmyard in front of our home. Looking back we chose a Parterre so that our welcome to our guests would always be the same throughout the year and the bare bones of our garden hold up through the winter months with their lean geometric structure. Admittedly the hedges are slightly skew whiff after Spud has had a one cat steeple chase around them on an almost daily basis but all in all i think they look pretty good. I like to add a little frou frou to the mix in the summer, with bright pots of Geraniums and Lavender to complement the foliage plants that soften the corners but just now we are enjoying the cool design that Ian Lowe layed out so carefully back in the year 2000.

Spud enjoying his mornings grooming under the shelter
of a bank

I bought these pretty white roses to sit on the bedroom dressing tables in little cache pots but they have thrived since they have been put out in the garden flowering throughout the winter

The sun shining through the french door of the
Apricot room

And so a new year starts in the garden with the bulbs I am always so excited about beginning to push up through the soil to start another cycle in the year.