Monday 28 January 2013

Our brush with winter

The courtyard garden that lies in the old farmyard at Ednovean Farm

As winter has set its course through the months, blissfully skipping gently by us in West Cornwall, well until the day dawned  when  we also encountered our very own brush with Narnia.
Spud had departed on his usual mousing expedition, on his usual early or should I say very early schedule and the weather had looked fine if chilly and so it was with some surprise that I found a few hours later that our world had been transported to a winter wonderland. I had had my suspicious on the previous evening, as the  skies darkened and the temperature had fallen  and had criss crossed the garden tucking fleece and nets over the more vulnerable plants although most of ours "do" to minus five, still I want those mighty Echiums to flower this year, sending their impossible lofty spikes towards the skies, so a little help is not unappreciated by them.

The granite sets that form the path between the
courtyard gardens and the stableyard/car park

The childhood wonder of finding snow in the morning never quite leaves you does it and so I spent a happy half an hors recording the scene in the half light before breakfast and alas it slid away a quickly as it had come, vanishing completely by the early afternoon. But!! for a few hours we too had snow in Cornwall. join me for a saunter through the morning at Ednovean Farm on the special day that the snow fell!

Not quite light and the magical scene with mounds
of soft fluffy snow clinging to the Greek pots that
line the top terrace
Young horses exploring their brave new world
Magic leaving the comfort of his bed ready for a snow
Magic and Archie tow young colts by our Spanish Stallion Danilon
Perranuthnoe Village with the sea beyond
Looking back across the lawn towards the house from our avenue of palms
Our Brood mares enjoyed an extra portion of hayledge for Breakfast
The center piece of the Italian garden
The cross aisle holds a statue of David
The lower garden gate with St Micheal's Mount in the

The flood lights are on for us to go to the stables in the


  1. So pretty and adds extra magical delight to your lovely place, i just wish we could be there to capture it as day!!! Sue/arlie

  2. but the snow was on Monday 21st January, not the 28th.

  3. Thank you Sue i thought you would enjoy seeing the snow - it is so unpredictable in Cornwall and some years misses us completely. Thanks Anon for the true date blogger automatically dates the post and of course I often like to sit down and think about the week on sundays but glad youve read it too!