Sunday, 27 February 2011

The garden this year

Before we begin......................
The garden's harshest - critic Ollie Cat assessing the weather let alone the conditions under paw!

The afternoon sunshine just hitting the house

What a difference each day makes now - the snowdrops that had enchanted me only a week or two ago snuggling in the lea of the banks have now been replaced by the freshly opened Daffodils escapees from fields over the centuries they populate the roadside and garnish the hedgerows. A drive around the Marazion by pass is a pleasure now to see the newly emerging black thorn flowers - impossibly beautiful froths, of creamy white, contrasting against the still naked branches of the trees and the very heart of Cornwall the bright cadmium yellow of the gorse yet to release her honied scent from her flowers flowers. But before my usual weekly trip to the supermarkets I spent a few minutes visiting some old friends newly emerged from their slumbers around the garden:-

The miniature daffodils that daintily line one border

planted rather too closely but i love them!

The little private terrace for the Blue room just waiting for summer to come

a view back towards the house from the lawn

Our memory stone that makes a bold statement at the end of a vista outside of the Italian Garden

in contrast - a couple of days ago when the dew lay heavy and as the Irish might say "It was a soft morning!" what a difference a day makes........

and just time for my favorite garden view out across the countryside to St Micheal's Mount taken yesterday afternoon

and now as the hedges each sport a tight lime green bud and the lawn grows ever more luxurious (for which need need mowing!) we are moving forward capriciously to spring. And back to Ollie Taylor's assessment - he is make brief but regular sorties and has been seen basking in the first spring rays - not a bad recommendation from a Ca!