Wednesday, 4 February 2015

We had snow!!

There was a dusting of snow on a Greek pot on the
terrace yesterday

We had snow yesterday! Oh the excitement that those big fat flakes bring to the day - maybe it was those childhood memoires of waking up and finding the hum drum familiar world transformed by a magical, enveloping blanket of white. The flurries started here in Cornwall,  where we live near sea level, on Monday afternoon. I'd been watching for days of course for snowflakes after a few promising weather forecasts.

It must be said, it as a chilly afternoon but I was intent on a major operation in our box parterre that has been suffering from box blight and I decided on major surgery with a hedge trimmer. I finally found by slightly angling the trimmer into the box I could reduce it by a good three inches thus removing the diseased portions in one fell swoop. It was then the first huge flakes started to swirl around me and strangely as I worked I'd stopped really noticing the cold. With blackening skies we finished our garden jobs and moved on to bringing our young horses in from the fields - that was after dealing with a feline emergency to Spud and Louis who had been sunbathing in a sheltered spot under the date palms and needed to be inside FAST!
Spud-Cat was not amused!

AS dusk fell I really hoped the snow would continue overnight so that we woke up to a magical new world but - well I do live in Cornwall so the covering was a gentle dusting rather that that deep scrunchy snow I was dreaming of. Still I can say! We had snow this year"

If you'd like to see some of my snaps of our "nearly" snow from around the garden, take a look at my blog "Watching for snowflakes"
Looking across the fields to the village of Perranuthnoe