Friday, 14 June 2013

Irises and sunshine

The entrance at Ednovean Farm bright with Irises and Foxgloves

The month has quickly slipped away in a whirl of sunny days and delicious warmth filling the courtyards and almost unnoticed the baby birds under the eaves have grown and their cheeping become more strident nearing the magic moment that they take flight.

Lillie has her own manger now that hangs on her door filled with Dobson
and Horrell Foal creep feed - a sort of magic pellet complete with
 milk powder

Lillie has grown well and has started to look quite plump and magically she has produced at least two teeth to start to nibble at the grass and enjoy a little extra nutrition in the form of a tiny formulated pellet especially for foals. We still have to ferry regular bowls of milk out to her though but at least now the 3a.m. slot can be officially left out according to the instructions on the milk! So it is a late 12.00p.m. feed (and anyone that has stayed with us know we are early birds to bed yawn!) and then the next is a bright and breezy 6.00 a.m. (double yawn!)

I'm sorry that the bog has apparently not been accepting comments but  computer unsavvy me, set up a Google + page for the B&B and I didn't realize that linking the two accounts would not allow non Google + users to post. So I have now read the instructions and found a box to un click (wonder what that will do...? Sure it'll be fine!!) I haven't added Google + because of a weird  anonymous  which has attached itself to us and has anyone ever manged to contact Google?? We've tried over the years believe me! Still I think the page looks pretty and maybe it will help our web site to thrive in that otherworldly environment of where shall we call it the eternal algorithm!

Lillie can also celebrate growing two teeth!