Friday, 14 June 2013

A lovely evening in the courtyard at Ednovean Farm

The courtyard at Ednovean Farm in the golden light of evening

There is a special moment, as the sun slips gently a little bit lower in the sky on a summer evening, when the courtyard at Ednovean farm is filled by the golden glow of the summers day and held in a moment of magic and all seems right in the world. The other evening I took a few photos around the courtyard that has been formed in the former farmyard where we have not a jot of to top soil - we had the help of professional garden designer Ian Lowe (now retired) as you know, to lay the courtyard out and he manged to pack so much into the space using sloping ground to create terraces  and hedges to conceal and reveal the layout a little at a time rather  like a conjurer

The steps that flank the edge of the courtyard dressed
by Box set in had carved pots

The fountain at the centre of the courtyard gives a gentle music to the air

The Date palms that flank the far side of the courtyard cast longer shadows

Looking across the parterre to our home

A view from the little lawn that flanks the formal planting - find us at Ednovean Farm

The raised terrace that leads to the front door at the top end of the courtyard
Oops I hadn't noticed I'd left the girls super of haylage ready to go in the

and finally that perfect blue sky again and two birds
flirting in the sky above