Friday, 23 November 2012

A walk around the November Garden at Ednovean Farm

A fabulous sunset beyond the house roof the other evening

Welcome back to my walk around a Cornish garden in November - a sort of waiting room of a month on the way to spring or so I tell myself!

The ferns that grow so freely in the warmth of the banks
I'm always surprised to see these for sale in
garden centres

The sundial garden with its protective walls of green

The tall stately pampas's plumes reaching for the
iintensely blue sky
One f the little signs from the days when we opened for the NGS

The side of the old farmyard now dubbed the "courtyard" manages to
support some sizable Date Palms in its shelter despite the lack of top soil

These pretty miniature roses have decided to flower again
lured by the mild autumn Weather

The fountain that farms the centre of the parterre - you can see how the fig trees work as a dark frame for the courtyards

Hydrangeas in flower again in the car park

nearly finished and back to that glorious sunset

Ready for another day

There were just few more that I wanted to show you so cont to part three!!