Friday, 23 November 2012

Ednovean Farm's November garden part 3!

Through the garden gate again, this time towards the
car park beside the stables to look down over the

There are ususaly cars parked just here but
today I wa able to take this view

St Micheal's Mount in the sunshine beyond our "signature"
Date palms

That is Penzance across Mounts bay - people aften ask
how  far it is to Penzance and I look out of the kitchen
window and say
"about ten minutes drive!"

climbing higher up the steps that cross the lane and looking down on the
entrance where cars park

back into the garden proper far below and our chief
rabbit lawn mower undetered by the fallen leaves

These are transformed in the autumn as they flower

The view beyond the Italian Garden from the Blue room

The terrace in front of the garden room

So this is nearly my last garden walk of the yar one more before Christmas - what a frightening thought where do the days go or even the years - a wall frshly built and painted is suddenly covered by ivy and gently settling into the ladscape, the freshly mown grass of summer is now home to a rabbit bu still new life is waiting ready to slumber for the winter and spring up agian in the err spring (no pun intended!) So i'll leave you with the ever ootomistic spud King of the garden and diligent hunter of the farm

Ivy creeping over a wall

life is wonderful for Spud prowling his new kingdom

A Welcome form Spud to the November gardens at Ednovean farm