Friday, 23 November 2012

The November garden at Ednovean Farm part one

November and the shadows linger low in the courtyards of Ednovean Farm

The first of the real November storms swept through Cornwall yesterday battering the land and churning the seas too a frenzy, with the wind reaching an impressive seventy miles an hour. The shelter belt in the garden was working overtime yesterday and it was a relief to step back into its warm shelter from feeding the mares across the front field - they naturally had found some good shelter under a tall bank a field away and were quite happy to picnic there after I had struggled through the storm ( they do have a nice cosy stable to help themselves to if they wish near the lane but no a tall hedge and fresh air are so much better....apparently - particularly if mum struggles through the gail with the morning oat supply!) Still, I digress from the sight of the palms bent against the wind and the staunch semi circle of blue grey hedge that makes it possible to grow anything on the natural terrace that tops the hill, overlooking the sea.

I took some photos of the garden on a sunny day and now seems a good time to reminisce about its beauty as i survey the scattered debris blown across by the storm!

The fig trees that line the boundary of the old farmyard

Beautiful but fragile

A jumble of plants led by this Agave which is
just the look i wanted

A glorious Phormium against the shade of a sunken lawn

New Echiums have sprung up their seeds
carried by the wind and birds to each perfect

One of the Agave beside the warm tranquil path beside the
Italian Garden

The European fan palms are still making good growth

This path meanders on past plumes of Autumn grasses
before emerging deep in the Italian Garden

A Young Date palm in the Italian Garden - the path you have just left is beside tha neatly trimmed hedge

Even the tough humble Yucca can look glamorous in the
 low light

The low sunlight and new growth of the daisies that will
flower here next year

I think I will split this blog journey into several parts just in case i overload and slow down your computers!
To be cont in part two