Friday, 30 November 2012

A small moment in the adventures of Spud

Spud on a window sill

The day starts early for Spud Cat, with the Ednovean farm, the gardens and stables to patrol AND to be home in time for second breakfast ( he eats his first before setting off on patrol of course) He hasn't yet trained us in his precise door opening requirements and so gains access (when required) by racing for the front door when we or an unsuspecting guest is about to go in, wailing on the door step or intriguingly the other night scaling across the Pink room's bathroom roof to peer in an upstairs window at us. So yesterday morning when I heard a scrabling outside our bedroom window, I assumed Spud "needed-door-open" and was just in time to watch Spud climbing up the creeper clinging on like a small monkey. he stopped by this first floor window to asses the view and just maybe contemplate how to get down again...................

The ground has gone

"What shall i do Now"

"It seemed a good idea at the time"

"Fire Brigade or ladder?"

"Just act casual"

You will be relieved to hear that by the time we were dressed Spud was down from his perch and waiting for second Breakfast!