Sunday, 18 November 2012

Settling into Autumn

The view across to the hill beyond the garden at
Ednovean Farm yesterday

It came as a shock to me in my morning ritual of walking down through the garden to feed the waiting brood mares to see the suspicion of frost under foot. Just the smallest hint in our normally frost free garden but slightly crunchy never the less. I'd already put an extra quilted rug under the "girl's" New Zealand rugs ( big water proof rugs that stretch from their ears to beyond their tails - a sort of mobile tent for all weathers) and they were all looking happy anticipating their bowl of oats to start the day.

Later in the morning in the cool crisp sunshine I exercised Danni our Spanish Stallion and watched the orderly rows of Plough steaming in the warmth of the morning. Tracks and bridleways have become magic carpets of russet leaves cushioning Danni's feet to a soft muffled plop as he walks along and the trees of course are still dressed n their autumn fancies of russet and gold. And some days far out to sea the sky is reflected in bright Mediterranean blue but these days is it the private reserve of the surfers who make their way to the coast with carefully packaged surf boards sometimes stowed sometimes lashed to their cars.

Where are we going today Mum??

Spud is leading a Spud life racing around for hour after hour trotting behind us if we go out to the fields in touch with his inner Labrador and snoozing the day away in typical cat fashion if he just feels like it

Spud the conoseur of comfort

Just so cosy!

A change is as good as a rest

But may be this one after all!

So all in all i think I've come to enjoy the Autumn for its mellow days and restful colours and just maybe the promise of Summer just out of sight after Christmas!

Maybe a walk around the garden with the camera quite soon to see how the garden is fairing in the soft recline of the year??