Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I saw.......

It has been a steady month of slightly changeable weather and discreet somnolence. The garden has reached a point of natural repletion, happy with its growth but not yet sinking towards Autumn and rest. The Cornish banks are threaded with ripening blackberries mingled with the summer honeysuckle and the sloes grow plump and dark. Our resident garden birds have reared a second brood under our eaves and are now zooming around playful from the release from their duties. And Ollie - he disgraced himself the other night by setting up a load yowling defending his garden from an intruding tom. I arrived to find the two antagonists nose to nose, pitching their wails into almost perfect synchronisation and after a moment reflection retreated back to bed.......claws a teeth not a good combination but I think they stuck to the sound effects!

Lets see the washing machine failed terminally after three years hard service strangely it was joined by the toaster and a flat screen TV so I'm hoping that is our three things.......!!? Please.

And this morning I saw a boat, mammoth and white, just under the St Micheal's Mount as I glanced out of the kitchen window while cooking Breakfast so all changed but really nothing had changed at all! I'm told there is high pressure on the way towards the end of the week, so hope the day is kind to you - some of our guest are off to the Minack Theatre this evening but Ollie and I are staying at home!