Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Agapanthus on the terrace

Just a few photos of our summer terrace - a small gravel area in front of the garden and Blue rooms that hold a few pots of Geraniums to brighten the summer. I've lined this terrace with box balls in sturdy plain pots from the Yorkshire pot company that have shrugged off the winter chills but at the moment the stars of the show have got to be the self seeded Agapanthus that have positioned themselves perfectly, tucked under the warm granite walls to produced blooms twice the size of their border bound parents. Ah well you can't beat nature!


My dalliance with white hydrangeas is not going so well at the moment - conceived as a serene row of identical pots with stylish white flowers they look decidedly mothy to be polite - perhaps ext year........

Their pink cousins remain outrageously healthy in frothy profusion

I used the old water tank for years as a bran bin for the horses, square and uncompromising with a neat row of rivets it give the sugary blooms a little more "edge" I think and the horses are happy with their corn bin. I think I've mentioned before the rusty iron ball was found in one of the fields.

Looking over the little terrace towards the formal sundial garden

and to finish a quiet corner for morning coffee or was that afternoon tea or a sunset glass of wine a day in the life of a terrace