Sunday, 7 November 2010

The great escape!

Well with the change in the hour i no longer have been making the acquaintance of the bat in the morning when we go out to feed the horses before serving our guest breakfasts. Of course it is a very nice bat but I've a feeling I should be asleep when he's awake! But how did the great escape happen...........well with the change in the hour the yearling started to look distinctly mournful when we turned them out for the night. And so with a weather front approaching they were allowed to sleep overnight in their stables - horse bliss. We shut off one field for Diva and the foals and gave them the run of two fields - sounds perfect doesn't it. Well they all stood and sulked for two days hardly moving away from the gates, they glowered at us whenever we went passed them but steadfastly refused to graze...........until one afternoon three days later when they magically vanished - we found the place in the Cornish bank that they had clambered over to reach their friends and there they all were blissfully happy in one big family- who says strength doesn't lie in numbers! and the bat ............well as the day draw in I'm sure I'll meet him again very soon.