Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A visit from the blacksmith

Remember little Annie when she was born in May?

Our Blacksmith Nigel Stevens, came to Ednovean Farm today to renew Sooty and Danni's shoes and when he had finished - he and Charles set off up to the top of the farm to check the brood mares and foals feet. I followed a few minutes and circled through several fields before finding the group just behind the house. Dolly spotted me first and abandoned her efforts to supervise the inspection of Annie's feet in favour of pushing her nose towards the camera - come to think of it, she is such a curious filly we only seem to get photos of her nose!

Sneaking up on Charles and Nigel from behind the mine - that's Archie diligently following his mum April and Belle right ( due to foal in February) "hedging and ditching" for the best herbs

and finally I found them with half sisters Annie and Amie

Diva on the left

The evening sky above a mine spoil heap that was part of the workings of Wheal Neptune
All the horses came in to their nice warm stables as the sky started to look ominously dark but after a balmy day they were all content to eat their supper and retire to nibbling their haynets.

Annie with her Mum Lizzie tucking into their evening haynet as you can see Lizzie has applied a mega mud pack against the weather.