Friday, 20 November 2009

The friendly moon

A friendly moon was sailing on its back just above the stables this evening, to welcome our new guests. Charles took this shot of the lights glowing in the stables by the car park just before we switched the flood lights on ready to guide our next guests in. Will we have a storm watch weekend after the gentle sunny day today - opinions vary and there is a tiny rumour that the sun will shine again tomorrow.............well we'll see!

The moon meeting the last of the sunset over our garden at ednovean farm tonight
and now because Christmas is coming - I've included this photo because it features a Christmas Tree! Taken of Charles and I long before we were married at St just Feast on Boxing Day, the two horses JR and Tigger are alas long gone although Tiggs is buried in a place of honor, under the statue of discus thrower in the Italian Garden...........a long ago memory of an old Christmas many shopping days to go?