Saturday, 14 November 2009

A sea of White horses

We woke up this morning to a sea of white horse - a churning, plunging, maelstrom of energy forcing its way across Mounts Bay and encircling St Micheal's Mount. Charles nobly set off up the field to try to capture the sea bracing himself against the gale leaving Sootty (the horse) watched dubiously from his stable at the gathering gale, that was whipping the date palms across the car park into a frenzy of activity. Poor Sooty hates the wind and obviously didn't want to go out this morning, thank you very much but he needn't have worried for today there was too much debris being carried around by the storm to risk the lanes and villages.
Instead we set of alone through the village to Perranuthnoe Beach with the camera, eager to get closer to the storm. We were not disappointed to find the usual balmy secluded sands covered by the relentless waves that traveled in pulses across the cove before the wind.

Waves breaking over Cudden Point from the beach slipway

The slip way down to the beach today, two hours off of high tide

The rolling waves

The cliffs to the east of Perran Beach that lead to Cudden Point - great for dramatic storm watching

Towards Mousehole from Perranuthnoe Beach

A view from Ednovean Farm

Storm casualties at Perranuthnoe Beach

We walked along the cliffs a little way towards Marazion and Charles took this last shot as the sky started to clear and now at last we have sparkling sunshine for the afternoon but still I'm glad i took the time to visit the sea and feel the energy and taste the fine salt again.