Thursday, 5 November 2009

A doorway to Autumn

I opened the front door to find Autumn today touching the fig trees that line the side of the courtyard with a mellow dusky hue as they gently fade towards their winters sleep. We hacked out earlier than usual this morning around the lanes passed hedgerows still spangled with berries in exquisite brightly coloured garlands, now reflected in an unconscious, mocking parody by local shops, as the Christmas decorations move from discreet half glimpsed corners to centre stage to steal our attention. And yet no artful Christmas garland can compete with the clean simplicity of the shiny swags of the brightest berries stretched across the hedgerows best admired from the steady progress of a horse back.

Today the sun swore brightly at the camera lens, confusing it into over exposed images as i laboured with the camera to capture some essence of the day. Ah well tomorrow is another day and perhaps I'll try again!

The sun looked enchanting reflecting the pump shadow on the courtyard wall - alas too bright for the camera today

The constant weather fronts this week have brought heavy rain mostly over night with the horses leaving muddy footprints as they tread reluctantly out into the fields, only to stay within reach of the sheltering hedgerows, before pleading to come back in earlier and earlier. In fact they are now gathering by 3.00 o' clock in an orderly line beside the gate, each mare with her foal positioned beside her waiting patiently according to their order of seniority Only the local surfers have enjoyed the Atlantic low that brought the rolling restless waves that have crashed in to Perranuthnoe beach below the village. Each day they can be seen winding down the tarmaced road towards the beach in a succession of vehicles, some battered some not, with their surf boards wedged beside them or mounted on roof racks, yet all with their eyes gleaming in anticipation of the seas power. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

One of the foals baby footprints in the gooey mud