Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Mounts Bay this morning

The view over Mounts bay from Ednovean Farm this morning

St Micheal's Mount through the palm trees this morning

Mounts bay looked so dramatic this morning from our garden framed by a jumble of palms, that I couldn't resist another picture, as ST Micheal's Mount was cast into sharp relief by the liquid morning sunshine. Our first job of the morning is always to take the brood mares and foals out to the pastures and this morning I had time to climb the hillside armed with a camera as i had no pressing breakfast engagement with the Rayburn to meet. Instead i stalked little Archie across the dew laden grass in a bid to take his photo as he paused by patches of mud or ate dry looking twigs as little boys will if they think they are wanted by the camera. Still the view from the top of the hill was worth it high above Mounts Bay and of course the best photo of him was the first one I took beside the gate!

Archie planning his day with the sun shining through his magnificent whiskers
Catching up with the girls before they move on to the next field
The private life of Archie - climbing on to a spoil heap from a badger set/fox earth - all the better to see across the fields ( the hole is safely under the Cornish bank)
oops sorry read Annie as Archie - this autumn break is doing me no good at all!