Sunday, 14 December 2014

A little bit of Christmas magic

The Dining room at Ednovean Farm

You know these cold dark morning call for a little bit of Christmas magic to start the day. Our old farmhouse just lends itself to this time of year and never looks more beautiful than when the candles are flickering overhead. I've hung metal chandeliers  from the high beams above the Dining table and sitting room in front of an old overmantel mirror (a sale room find) to double the impact and then I line the window sills with fat church candle. I took a few snaps after our guest had left this morning before I cleared the table - I think it gives just a little romance to sit together in a weekend break from their busy lives and just soak up the old building.
P.S Please excuse the washing up!!

After Breakfast

breakfast is a relaxed affair with an eclectic mix of china, candles and brown
sauce if our guest would like it!

The dining room window sill lined with fat church candles
and oversized baubles piled in a fruit bowl for extra
Christmas glitz!

If you didn't catch my Christmas tree deliberations in my other blog you can read it here for extra inspiration to start your decorating this year. Happy Christmas back soon !