Sunday, 23 January 2011

From dawn until dusk

The moon was still awake this morning over Mounts Bay

Strangely the Moon was still sailing over Mounts bay this morning when we went out to feed the horses with the sky flushed pink with the reflection of the dawn. The horses were pleased to be out so early with the frost still on the grass and the young colts soon turned to their favourite wrestling game of "tug your friends headcollar"

Magic is growing into a fine young man and can never resist a camera

The sunset from our garden - that's Perranuthnoe's church  against the sea

With our morning jobs completer we crept back indoors to cook Breakfast fro our first B&B guest of the year and later much later we had time to enjoy the sunset over Mounts Bay as we finished work for the day the horses once again tucked up in their stables for the night................and i wish i could fathom how this new improved dashboard works - it's very entertaining watching the pictures jump about - I think I liked the old one - please can i have it back???!