Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sun on the window

The sun hit the old stones that surround our windows today capturing their ancient heart for a few moments in its warm embrace and reminding me of the fast approaching spring. Already the daffodils are growing strongly around the garden their strong green shoots thrusting out of the warming soil with the promise of the vibrant yellow flowers to dance in the wind and defy the elements.

The stone was found under on of our banks probably a rick stone but beautiful

The spring gardens in Cornwall are always wonderful - I've got an eye to exploring a new one this year that i heard about from one of my guests - Tremenheer Sculpture Garden - just above Gulval - different I think to the glorious gardens of Trengwaiton and Trewiddon but a breath of fresh air with its Mediterranean approach. And one day i might even make the trek to explore St Micheal's Mount's wonderful gardens clinging to the exposed rock face tantalisingly within sight of our windows but never in reach of time.....! Incidentally i found a great site when looking up the web addresses fro my links (hope they work for you!) Try the Gardenvisitcom when planning your holiday.

Toffee considering his options

Our little family of animals continues in their usual way from day to day Toffee had a particularly nasty shock when he came in for his super tonight to discover someone had given him a new feed bowl - it was obviously concealing a nasty mo9nster in the bottom but he has it under surveillance for the time being!