Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A winter gale

Perranuthnoe Beach at low tide yesterday
My word the wind blew yesterday! No sooner had i written my latest blog about the steady step of spring than cornwall was gripped by the teeth of a vicious gale insidiously called "Imogen" We knew it was coming of course as the wind quietly gathered momentum building from a whisper barely moving the daffodils, to a primeval roar carrying all before it.

We kept our horse safely in their stables for the day and the cats made their own arrangements involving a cosy blanket by the fire and it was only the human contingent of myself and Charles that ferried bales of hay and buckets of horse food about tin the stingingly cold winds.

I do believe our Bed and Breakfast guest enjoyed watching the raw power of nature bringing line after line of white capped waves towards the beaches and harbours over the weekend though and on Monday,  I did walk down through Perranuthnoe to the beach and it was so quietly peaceful in the lea o f the houses that I was totally unprepared for the stinging force of the wind as I reached the slipway. I quickly realised that even if I could cling to the handrail to the beach the blizzard like sand was not going to do my poor camera any good what so ever and retreated as the better part of valour.

I was grateful to our homes thick granite walls yesterday
We woke up to a still and tranquil world again this morning with the birds - so silent yesterday - again starting to sing in the bushes and I threw down an extra handful of oats to the little robin bobbing about beside the stables waiting for the horses breakfast - yesterday was a hard day for him after all.

Away from the February gales if you would like to follow my preparation for summer in our garden at Ednovean Farm the click here 

Each day now brings us a little bit more light as the sun climbs higher in the sky and a little bit nearer to the time when my garden will spring back into life and each day I eagerly watch for the signs of spring - don't you now too?!

Spud and Louis snoozed through the storm in the house of course