Monday, 11 January 2016

Longer days ahead!

My January Breakfast table at Ednovean Farm
At last as we pass the winter solstice we can look forward to the longer days ahead and maybe - just maybe there is a glimmer of light upon the horizon. I can quite understand how early man viewed the winter as a time to chase away the dark spirits and perform rituals to encourage the sun to return. In fact I can quite sympathise with the idea amid the relentless gloom that surrounds us at the moment.

Still I have a few little tricks to brighten up the morning here for our guests and always fill the Breakfast room with candle light with a jug of bright daffodils to distill the winter gloom with the promise of spring just around the corner - because if I cannot encourage the sun to shine or the spring to come, at least I can set a bright cheerful place to start the day.

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The gentle glow of candles in the morning light

I use an eclectic collection of country chin to give a relaxed feel to breakfast