Monday, 18 October 2010

along the coastal path to kennegy beach

Looking back towards Prussia Cove

Prussia Cove lays just eastwards of Ednovean Farm beyond Cudden point a tiny sheltered cove with tumble down fishing huts still clinging to heath betwixt farmland and sea

I was tempted to venture back to Kennegy beach after talking to some of my guests at breakfast time and hearing of their enchanting morning on said Kennegy Beach. Years ago I remember it was only accessible by rope but they said they had used a metal ladder to reach the secluded sands. Well as someone very keen on avoiding heights maybe, just maybe I could reach the beach..............Well we swung on past Prussia cove down into the valley with its sheltering pines before climbing back up the heath filled cliffs. As we opened the gate to the cove the notice gave dire warnings of emergency use only but I remembered only of small drop of six feet or so to the beach so it couldn't b far.........Eek the new ladder system started much much higher and as I advanced clinging to the rail with my knees becoming weaker by the minute I was fairly sure this was not an emergency! I assured Charles I would double back on my own and take the scramble across the rocks from Bessie's Cove but he nobly escorted me pack, lunch and all back the way we had come to a safer route

berries garlanding the undergrowth in the sheltered valley by the stream

Kennegy beach from the cliffs before I wimped out

Kennegy beach from Bessie's Cove

and sure enough the camera ran out of memory but we had a fabulous couple of hours on a hidden beach just off of the beaten track like so many of the best places in Cornwall.

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  1. Oh ! ! I'm so jealous, in our early days we had a couple of camping/caravan holidays on the site above Keneggy beach - in the days you could walk down ! The we had several years at Porth en Alls House and walked/scrambled over the rocks to the wonderful beach. So many things we can't do at the moment, but they're all on our "to do" list. A good suggestion for Christmas - a bigger memory card ! you shouldn't be cut short ! Sue