Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Giddy Kippers!

Well we were giddy kippers again yesterday as the unexpected heatwave continues here in Cornwall. We drove just up the road to Rosudgeon and then took the winding lane across the common To Prussia Cove - i know we should have walked there but we only had a couple of hours to spare and it was SOOOOOOOOO hot! But the drive down the narrow lane with bracken lined banks giving way to tiny fields filled with improbably clean black and white cattle more than made up for it.

We parked in the tiny car park just as the tarmacked road gave way to an unmade tack on the magical Porth-an alls estate and walked the last half mile to the cove passed intriguingly concealed gateways of idyllic cottages that are tucked away just above the cove.

A country post box beside the cove

You may remember Prussia Cove from the film Lavender Ladies and in fact we half expected to see Judy Dench on the atmospheric pathway down to the shore

The dappled sunlight on the ancient stones that line the last section of the path

and at last Prussia Cove itself in total contrast to our last adventure but oh so wonderful as we trod the step narrow path to.............

Bliss ( Charles wasn't so pleased to find his feet recorded!) to wriggle your toes in the hot smooth pebbles

before lunch of bacon rolls (house speciality!)

absolutely nothing happened apart from the steady pulse of the waves against the pebbles apart from one passing fishing boat............

not sure if this is a disused mine adict or a blocked up sea cave but the stone work was lovely

The fabulously clear waters were warm enough to swim in but I wimpily didn't ah hum Charles did!

Prussia Cove one of the reasons that Cornwall is so special!


  1. In ladies in Lavender it would have been the old original Post Box which had VR (Victoria Regina) which we remember from holidays in Prussia Cove when Nick was young. Don't know if it was stolen, or replaced by the Post Office ! A wonderful spot to have so close to us - a bit much for Charlie now. Sue

  2. I bet they replaced it but I was still intrigued to find it on a coastal path with about four cottages nearby, original service anyway! Couldn't you drive Charle to the car park just for once, the walk back to Cudden point is awesome too